Regain control of your life with serenity

Are you going through a transition in your personal life and feeling lost?

Looking for answers?

My coaching sessions are there to support you through these periods of doubts with respect and kindness.

Choose your transformation

Personal life


I’m committed in helping women and men in their daily life challenges.


Whatever your story, you’re important and if you’re suffering, it’s important to take action!

Expats challenges

Being an expatriate is a wonderful adventure, despite the fact that elsewhere comes with challenges that are difficult to discern or admit.

Professional life

Business Coaching

Do you want to start your own business? You’ve got your idea, you’ve done your training, now where do you start?


Performance is greater when there is creativity, productivity and connection between team members.


Should I change jobs? What career is right for me? It’s normal to ask yourself questions and to be reluctant to change!

Who am I?

I am
Audrey Zeitoun,
Life coach

I have been living abroad for many years, adventure and freedom
have been my core values, I have pursued various careers and
jobs in the countries I have lived In.

Today I’m based in London though I work online internationally.
How can I support you?

Change and transition!
In my personal life I’ve been though relationships challenges and a
divorce with young children while living abroad.

In my professional life, I have worked in so many industries! I love variety and learning new skills.

Tourism, HR, recruitment, education and recently becoming an
entrepreneur and running my own business.

It hasn’t been easy! I tend to remember the good bits, but it has been
more than a challenge at times 🙂

My diplomas: transformational life coach, Relationships coach and
a training in positive psychology (all are accredited by the ICF,
International Coaching federation)
along with life experiences can really make an impact on the life of
my clients.

My approach is compassionate, calm, enthusiastic, and always

I will help you think, overcome your fears and doubts, transform
your life without being held back by limiting thoughts that have so
far clouded your vision or hindered your decision-making and

It involves breaking all the automatic and repetitive patterns that no
longer serve you today.

For those who know me, I’m approachable and I will put you at
ease, even when discussing very intimate topics!

No taboos, no judgment. I too have gone through moments of
doubt, fear, and sadness before bouncing back from every
challenge life has presented me.

So now it’s your turn to begin your transformation!

Let’s schedule a first free appointment to get to know each other,
If we connect, we can start working together.

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