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Relationships in the workplace


Team building

Conflict management


Parental leave

What are the challenges of leadership?

What challenges do you regularly face without having a lasting solution?

Performance is at its peak when creativity, productivity, and connection among team members are present.

When the satisfaction of both the leadership team and the team members themselves is evident.

How much do you value the fluidity of communication within your teams?

I am a raltionships coach for individuals and businesses, and I can support you to improve satisfaction at work.

What is your vision for your teams?

How to manage conflicts between employees?

How to handle the arrival of a new manager or someone who has received a promotion?

How to maximise potentials?

How to increase productivity and employee satisfaction?

I am by your side to help you solve all your relational challenges within your company or organisation.

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New Managers

  • Be confident in your new role
  • Tools to effectively communicate
  • Techniques to handle stress
  • Techniques to make difficult decisions
  • Increase performance and creativity
  • Increase your satisfaction and your team wellbeing

Team building and Conflict management

Are your teams lacking of flow?

  • Improve the communication within your team members
  • Limit conflict of interest and misunderstanding between the teams
  • members
  • You are creating a new team: where to start?
  • A new manager is coming in the team: let’s make him feel welcome
  • Limit absenteeism
  • Increase productivity and creativity
  • Increase self confidence and self esteem of each team member

Wellbeing and motivation

  • Techniques of stress management
  • Techniques of effective communication
  • Limit absenteeism
  • Increase satisfaction and productivity
  • Manage difficult and traumatic personal situations:
  • divorce, illness, grief.

New parents and their place in the company

Would you like to promote parental leave taken by new dads?

  • Prepare new parents to anticipate their leave
  • Prepare them to come back in the workplace
  • Self-motivation and confidence
  • Fit it in their team after a long leave
  • Be confident they can still perform
  • Achieve work-life balance 

1: 1 or team coaching?

I have the made to measure program for your needs.

Programs over 3, 6 ans 12 months

Over consecutive weeks with progress measurement and accountability along the way.

Contact me here for a first appointment. It’s free and it’s the opportunity to share your needs and expectations.