Welcome to #divorce

The podcast for those going through a divorce, and who need legal information as well as practical and wellbeing tips and support to go through the divorce process and rebuild themselves.

The podcast is a bilingual one in French and in English, and is for men and women alike, going through a divorce, a separation, or thinking of it. It can also help those who know someone going through a divorce, to understand better what they are going through.

In our podcast, episodes will be very different from one to another. In some we will be giving advise based on our professional and sometime personal experience, In others,  guests from the legal or well-being world will be invited to share their experiences with divorce or how to deal with stress and anxiety for example.

Sarah-Jane Tasteyre is a French divorce lawyer based Leeds. She assists clients mostly in Hong Kong where she practices with the Firm @JCLegal, and in England. Her life abroad has led her to become an expert in cross border cases in area of family law and probate. 

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