Relationship Coaching

Love, life, repeat

Relationships play a huge part in our life at home or at work.

In London, they call me the ‘French Love Coach’.

I specialise in Dating, Finding a life partner, Couple relationships and communication, Divorce/separation, family conflict.

I help you solve issues in your relationships at work too! Check out here for work related relationships challenges at the bottom of the page or click here!

Every situation is different.

Why seek the help of a relationship coach?

No matter your story,

You are important, and if you are suffering, it’s important to take action!

Check my programs

All bespoke and adapted to your personal situation.

My couple is in crisis

  • Assess the deep changes that need to happen
  • Become aware of your couple dynamic
  • Communicate to be understood and heard
  • Recognise your limiting beliefs
  • Create intimacy and fun moments with your partner

Find love finally

  • Define the ideal partner and who can be a match
  • Become aware of patterns with previous partners
  • Love yourself and you life single
  • How to navigate dating apps
  • How to dress and start conversations
  • Build self-confidence
  • Find love and the ideal person for you

Navigate your divorce or separation

  • Deal with the separation announcement
  • Learn how to deal with your emotions
  • Make important decisions
  • Communicate with your ex and the children
  • Communicate with your solicitor on what you want
  • Rebuild your confidence and trust in the future

Divorced and happy

  • Learn to love yourself and to live alone
  • Deal with your emotions like anger or sadness
  • Create a new relationship with your children/family
  • Communicate with your ex in peace
  • Know yourself and what you really want now
  • Create your ideal post-divorce life
  • Start dating again

You don’t have to find solutions on your own.

You don’t have to tell yourself that it’s your fault

You don’t have to keep feeling guilty

You deserve to move forward, be well and happy in your life

We all think that our neighbours handle things better than us, but that’s not true!

I have coached hundreds of women and men and what they often ask me: How do other people do in my situation?

They don’t do better!

I invite you to come and talk to me. You might be pleasantly surprised.

What do you have to lose? What do you have to gain?

Imagine the transformation you dream of, and what if it were possible…

For work related relationships challenges

– How to communicate with your boss/ colleagues
– How to be more respected in the work place
– How to say no to your boss and ask for a promotion