Business coaching/Self-employment

You would like to launch your own business?

Finally it’s time!

You have followed a thorough training or you want to monetise your side hustle

You have an idea

But where to start? Can I be successful and earn money? Can it be more than a hobby?

The questions I hear a lot:

  • Is this project doable? Am I capable?
  • What to do first?
  • Social media, my website?
  • Who are my clients?
  • I don’t know much about it! I’m not a marketer.

How can I help you:

I will listen to you and guide you through YOUR challenges at every stage:

Check my program

Create a successful business:

  • Assess the viability of your project
  • Define the first steps of creation
  • Know your zone of genius
  • Create a short and long term strategy
  • Create processes to stay organised
  • Learn how to make the right decisions
  • Balance your professional and personal life

  • At the preliminary stages of creation
  • During the development of your business
  • For the evolution and growth of your business

My method will allow you to focus on what you do best – your service.

Together, we plan the actions to be taken, the decisions to be made, and the short, medium, and long-term strategy.

I applied this method when I created my coaching business.

This method can be applied to any self-entrepreneurial service.

This method is customizable because we are all different. We have different strengths and assets.

I support you in overcoming the challenges that are most difficult for you, what’s preventing you from starting, taking the leap, or becoming visible.

Visibility and appearing like the expert or the authority in your field is a challenge. And even more so now! We will make it easy for you, you’ll be in the “flow,” nothing will be forced against your nature. And yet, it works!