Career Coaching

Should I change job?

I would like to go back to work after many years without working

I’m looking for a new challenge/position

What career is made for me?

What if you could:

  • Find your flow
  • Understand what makes you feel alive and true to yourself
  • Find you passion
  • Find your strengths and which ones you could use more

It is normal to have so many questions

It is normal to hesitate to change! And to have doubts before taking action or making a decision.

I offer you a made to measure solution in 2 different stages

Check my program

I found my dream job!

Phase 1

  • Know yourself and your values
  • Discover and develop your talents
  • Define the best suited jobs for you
  • Write your ideal day
  • Develop your self-confidence
  • Once the ideal job or industry is found, we focus on getting that job!

Phase 2

  • Clear goals and steps each week
  • Review of what worked or didn’t worked
  • Learn to navigate LinkedIn and be visible
  • 1 minute presentation pitch
  • Write your CV
  • Say yes or no to an offer
  • Negotiate your salary and other offers

Every week:

  • We set together some very clear achievable steps
  • We assess what has worked ans what hasn’t
  • We maximise your potentials
  • We readjust the strategy

You can also decide to take one off session on these topics:

  • How to be visible on LinkedIn
  • How to write your CV
  • Say yes or no to a job offer
  • Negotiate your salary or other conditions

The best thing to do now is to contact me!

We speak about 30mn and it’s free!

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