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How to Maximize Communication, Intimacy & Confidence in Menopause:  

FREE LIVE 3-Part Workshop Series 

Is menopause causing challenges in your relationships? Join us Friday 26 April – May and 17 May – Online – Register here:

  • Strengthen communication: Learn to express your needs and build understanding with your partner and family.
  • Redefine intimacy: Discover new ways to connect and experience intimacy during menopause.
  • Reclaim your confidence: Feel empowered and embrace this exciting new phase of life.

Couple: Leave or stay: How to make your decision

The topics we will cover in the masterclass:

  • You and your spouse are no longer communicating
  • The kids are gone and you can no longer ignore your relationship problems
  • Your partner cheated on you
  • You are no longer in love
  • You don’t want the same thing anymore

Non violent communication

When our needs are not validated we can feel anger, fear, sadness to speak only of
the basic feelings.

The method is the one based on non-violent communication. AND it can make a
huge difference in your relationship!

  • Observe the situation without interpreting it
  • Express your feelings
  • Understand your needs
  • Express your needs
    The masterclass will cover:
  • Communication mistakes to avoid
  • The principles of non-violent communication
  • How to assert yourself in your conversations
  • Learn how to know say no

10 steps to recover and rebuild your life after a divorce or a break-up

The masterclass will cover

  • What are the mistakes to avoid
  • How to project yourself into a better future
  • How to regain self-confidence

The key steps to transform your life

  • Identify your values
  • Differentiate your needs and expectations
  • 4 keys steps to dare implement change
  • What can stop you and questions

The first steps to find love

In this Masterclass we will explore:

  • What are your expectations and needs
  • Who is your match?
  • How to spot him/her
  • How to avoid repeating the same mistakes with your next partner
  • Why do your partner relationships don’t last
  • What do you really want from a relationship

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