Expats challenges

Being an expatriate is a wonderful adventure; however, moving to a foreign country comes with its challenges that are difficult to identify or admit.

You’ve prepared yourself well, but once in your new host country, you’re no longer certain if you’ve made the right decision or you don’t know what to do with yourself, what job to look for or how to make new friends.

Would you like to know more?

Often, family members don’t live the same experience

for some, it’s wonderful, and for others, it’s frustrating and even scary.

Suppressed anger, lack of desire, or conversely, the desire to create something new can occur.

What about you?

Admitting that you don’t feel like you belong, that it’s not what you imagined, is the beginning!

Additionally, your situation may have changed during your expatriation, so what do you do now?

Maybe you can’t work anymore or you went though a separation or you became a parent or your children have left home.

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  • Know your values and talents
  • Define what you really want to achieve
  • Develop your sel-confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn how to create social connections
  • Implement changes to lead your feel good life!

Can a life where you feel good, at peace and satisfied even possible?

I am here to support you in achieving your full potential, so that you feel at ease within yourself and with others, and in your host country.

Whether you have a clear idea of your desires and goals or not!

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