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Conquer procrastination and beat the seasonal blues 

Article first published for Focus-info/org Magazine- Relocation UK If you are in the UK or the Northern Hemisphere  January can be a difficult month to stay in flow and to avoid procrastination. Often at this time of the year we feel demotivated or uninspired despite our new years’s resolutions! But not in 2024. Audrey comes […]

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Relationships in times of Covid

2020 saw an increase in the number of divorce in the UK by 122% from July to October compared to 2019 at the same period. Couples in a closed environment 24/7 can feel frustration, anger, anxiety therefore the existing issues are exacerbated. It can be very difficult to find a way to release stress like […]

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I want my ex back.

Have you ever thought of it or tried to get your ex back? It can happen just after the break-up or after another failed relationship, you’re thinking of that ex you never totally got over with. It happened to me! to think of my exes in the past when I was single again or when […]

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The feeling of guilt when you make the decision to separate

I wish there would be a magic wand to wave that feeling away. If you are the one deciding to separate it is very likely that you’ll experience guilt, not wanting to hurt the other person, wanting to make it easy for them, for the kids. You’ll put your needs last or you won’t even […]