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What is a good marriage in 2024

Article first published for The Greenhouse Therapy Rooms In a world where technology evolves faster than we can swipe right, and societal norms shift like the latest viral meme, what does it take to build a good marriage in 2024? As a relationship coach, I’m here to spill the tea on the secrets (though I’m […]

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Conquer procrastination and beat the seasonal blues 

Article first published for Focus-info/org Magazine- Relocation UK If you are in the UK or the Northern Hemisphere  January can be a difficult month to stay in flow and to avoid procrastination. Often at this time of the year we feel demotivated or uninspired despite our new years’s resolutions! But not in 2024. Audrey comes […]

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Transform your life: How to make change happen. 

How to make change happen