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The role of a nanny in children’s development and family dynamics.

Article first published by French Nanny London We asked French Nanny London, a London-based recruitment agency, specializing in placing French and multilingual nannies, what was the role of a nanny. They explained how these skilled caregivers provide not only a safe and stable environment for the children but also support the family life from within, […]

Change Coaching Couples Lifestyle marriage Therapy

What is a good marriage in 2024

Article first published for The Greenhouse Therapy Rooms In a world where technology evolves faster than we can swipe right, and societal norms shift like the latest viral meme, what does it take to build a good marriage in 2024? As a relationship coach, I’m here to spill the tea on the secrets (though I’m […]

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Conquer procrastination and beat the seasonal blues 

Article first published for Focus-info/org Magazine- Relocation UK If you are in the UK or the Northern Hemisphere  January can be a difficult month to stay in flow and to avoid procrastination. Often at this time of the year we feel demotivated or uninspired despite our new years’s resolutions! But not in 2024. Audrey comes […]

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Transform your life: How to make change happen. 

How to make change happen


What is the difference between a life coach and a therapist?

A therapist can make a diagnosis, determine pathologies and diseases so that patients can be treated clinically. Therapy focuses on past traumas and ensures that they are accepted by the person and helps them understand present behaviours. Therapists help clients explore and understand their subconscious and unconscious. Sometimes when mental health issues are diagnosed it […]

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What is a divorce coach?

My job is to help people cope better with the emotional roller coaster of a break-up and also show my clients how they can deal with the practical challenges of divorce. I help them regain control of negative emotions, communicate with their ex, let go of their ex, calm conflict, define co-parenting, rediscover their individual […]

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Relationships in times of Covid

2020 saw an increase in the number of divorce in the UK by 122% from July to October compared to 2019 at the same period. Couples in a closed environment 24/7 can feel frustration, anger, anxiety therefore the existing issues are exacerbated. It can be very difficult to find a way to release stress like […]

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What is resilience? It is the ability to adapt to adversity and to bounce back

A person who demonstrates resilience: – Is rather optimistic – Relativizes and uses the resources at their disposal – Have a connecting circle of positive influence – Is pro-active and she takes care of herself. So how do you learn to put these tips into practice? – First, identify your strengths and skills. We often […]

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7 ways to cope when your spouse wants a divorce

Were you expecting it? How did you react to the news? Did you think your marriage was going well? Or did you know deep down you were ignoring the problem? In both cases it feels like a betrayal and it is a big shock. We tend to go into denial to start with and reject […]

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How to find true love after a divorce

Do you doubt it can happen? Does that seem impossible to you? We all need to feel loved, be appreciated and to be accepted for who we are unconditionally. Imagine being able to be yourself, without fear of being rejected, without fear of other people opinion and their judgment. Imagine yourself with that self-confidence, you […]